Be visual, brave, change the rules, be controversial, unconventional, challenging, arouse curiosity, motivate, excite, seduce, entertain, go beyond the limits, create experiences. This is to Be Provocative. This is Gothamsiti.

We are a group of young people, a completely new and innovative startup with clear aims and future. After several years of work in standard places, it was time to give birth to what there was actually in our minds. Current ideas, values and structures weren’t enough; we thought about something else and in a different way… and we still do that!

Our philosophy is different, based on transparency no matter what, on exceeding limits, especially in dreaming, our culture loves extremes, excesses… perfect works, uncontrolled reactions, impossible challenges, the most demanding clients… But we’re not fully foolish! Our culture means also concreteness, responsibility, skills and innovation.

We are here to create, follow and realize projects of any kind and dimension that can tell a client’s story and show his potential, rock and challenge consumer’s certainties, transform the world.

We believe in ideas, in particular in good ones… it doesn’t matter how or where they are expressed, what matters is there is one, but brilliant.